Picture of the Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji © Wilhelm Joys Andersen (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Pierre-Henri Lavigne (ピエールランリ・ラヴィン)

Enchanté, I'm Pierre-Henri, よろしくどうぞ!

French web professional relocated in Japan who has been coding user interfaces since 2005. I used to fix rendering issues with buggy browsers, crappy hardware and no debug tools at the rescue !

What can I do for you ?

  • Develop or prototype complex interactive user interfaces
  • Make your website fully editable through the CMS of your choice
  • Setup your own VPS with SSL certificates
  • Check and solve performance or accessibility issues
  • And more...

What else ?

I enjoy in my spare time listening music as well as discovering new spots around by walking, running or bicycling, always bringing a camera with me. I weekly study the japanese language & culture and biweekly teach the french language.